Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Mindful Enlightenment

I've written a piece for the Face To Faith column in today's Guardian. It's on 21st century enlightenment thinking and how buddhism is developing in the West... You can read it here...
James Shaheen of Tricycle magazine has blogged further on the theme here...


  1. Hello Ed.
    I liked your piece in the Guardian yesterday. it was similar to those times when you actually hear something useful on Radio Four's Thought for the Day. I also like your remodelling/repackaging of Buddhism and mindfulness for the I Pad generation. I have been trying to do a similar thing with Karma Yoga for some time now. Good luck with book and Manifesto. Hope it achieves a fresh kind enlightenment.We certainty need it.

    Best wishes


  2. Thanks Mick. I'm not sure I'm remodelling/repackaging, more commenting on how interpretations are emerging in our 21st century context. Although in some way, isn't everyone who connects with these traditions creating something fresh and dynamic by their interaction with them?
    Good luck with your endeavours too...