Monday, 9 August 2010

Mindfulness news round-up - July 2010

All the latest mindfulness news stories from the last month...

31 New Study Investigates Mindfulness Meditation for Alcohol Relapse Prevention
31 Meditation boosts reaction time and reduces the need for sleep
20 Mindfulness training study to help military members combat the mental health effects of war.
19 The busy mind on meditation - Brief sessions can help with dealing with deadlines and pain relief
17 Mindful Motherhood Cassandra Vieten reports on her innovative training program offering stress relief to new moms - from the Greater Good Science Centre
16 The Greater Good Guide to Mindfulness - some great examples of settings where mindfulness is making a difference
16 Meditation helps increase attention span
15 Quiet Justice - Mindfulness in the practice of law
15 Mind/body techniques effective for chronic pain
14 Fine interview with Dan Siegel on mindfulness and the brain.
14 Meditation in the lab - good overview of scientific studies on mindfulness
11 Use your brain to relieve pain - more on mindfulness for pain
Meditation rescued me from misanthropy - by Tim Parks (New Statesman)
7  On mindfulness and plain speaking, by Deborah Schoeberlein (Huffington Post)
Mindful eaters less likely to be overweight
How meditation can develop skills in attention and compassion - first results from the shamatha project
'Mind-body' therapy shows promise for fibromyalgia

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