Saturday, 2 October 2010

Mindfulness is not a self-improvement tool...

I've written a piece on mindfulness for the School of Life blog...

"Expecting meditation to 'make me better', perhaps based on the results of clinical studies, may well sabotage the practice, whose benefit comes partly from letting go of the tendency to grasp for results..." Read the full piece here...

Friday, 1 October 2010

Mindfulness News - September 2010

All the last month's news stories from the Mindful Manifesto website:

29 Troops PTSD may be reduced with mind fitness (mindfulness training)

28 Mindfulness Meditation Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients, Researchers Say
23 The Neuroscience of Happiness - excellent descriptions of practices to develop contentment from Buddha's Brain author Rick Hanson.
20 Wellington college extends 'happiness lessons' to parents. Classes to include mindfulness training
16 What Everyone Should Know about How Stress Affects the Brain, and the impact of mindfulness
New study shows that even brief mindfulness training can reduce people's sense of pain
6 Mindfulness skills useful in addressing ADHD
Round-up of the latest mindfulness research studies from Mindful Experience.